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Research Groups

Study and Research Group on Care and Human Development - NEPCDH

Research Areas:
Full Care for Adults and the Elderly
Human Development and Care
Human Resources Education, Development and Training
Health and Quality of Life
Sônia Maria Soares (Coordinator)
Eline Lima Borges
Fernanda Batista Oliveira Santos

Study and Research Group on Evidence-Based Nursing - NEPEBE

Research Areas:
Health and Nursing Care
Evidence-based Nursing Practice
Flávia Falci Ercole (Coordinator)
Carla Lúcia Goulart Constant Alcoforado

Study and Research Group on Hansen's Disease - NEPHANS

Research Areas:
Evaluation of health services regarding Hansen's disease; social determinants and geographical mapping of Hansen's disease and of infection by Mycobacterium leprae.
Analysis of exposure, infection and manifestation of Hansen's disease
Francisco Carlos Félix Lana (Coordinator)
Rodrigo Corrêa de Oliveira (Coordinator)

Study and Research Group on Infections related to health care - NEPIRCS

Research Areas:
Epidemiology, prevention and control of health care associated infections
Bacterial resistance: a multiprofessional approach to prevention and control
Use of technology to validate the re-processing of dental-medical hospital products;
Epidemiological aspects of occupational exposure in health: work related accidents involving biological material and their determinants;
Use of biosafety measures as an indicator of infection control;
Infection control in backup areas.
Adriana Cristina de Oliveira (Coordinator)

Research and Study Group on Nursing Practice and Teaching - NUPEPE

Research Areas:
Nursing Care
Nursing Teaching
Nursing Practices for Community Health
Family Health
Kênia Lara da Silva (Coordinator)
Elysângela Dittz Duarte

Research Group on Nursing Administration - NUPAE

Research Areas:
Organization and Management of Health and Nursing Services
Work in the Area of Health
Maria José Menezes Brito (Coordinator)
Marília Alves (Coordinator)

Study and Research Group on Community Health - NUPESC

Research Areas:
Environmental and health education
Clinical and epidemiological studies in nutrition and chronic degenerative diseases
The social experience of ilnesses
Organization of health services
Public policies, health and citizenship
Prevention and control of infectious and parasitic diseases
Andréa Gazzinelli Corrêa de Oliveira (Coordinator)
Maria Imaculada de Fátima Freitas (Coordinator)
Maria Flávia Gazzinelli Bethony

Research Group on Health Management, Education, Evaluation - NUGEAS

Research Areas:
Health education and evaluation
Health and nursing promotion and education
André Luiz Freitas Dias (Coordinator)
Heloisa de Carvalho Torres (Coordinator)

Research Group on Culture, Daily Life, Education and Health - NUPCCES

Research Areas:
Culture and health
Integral health care
Cláudia Maria de Mattos Penna (Coordinator)

Research and Study Group on Gender and Women's Health - NUPESMeG

Research Areas:
Nursing and Care
Gender and Health
Health and Education
Kleyde Ventura de Souza (Coordinator)
Bruna Figueiredo Manzo

Interdisciplinary Center for Research and Studies on Epidemiology - NIEPE

Research Areas:
Epidemiology and Control of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
Clinical and Epidemiological Studies on Nutrition and Chronic Degenerative Diseases
Mortality Studies
Jorge Gustavo Velásquez Meléndez (Coordinator)
Mariana Santos Felisbino Mendes (Coordinator)
Alexandra Dias Moreira D'assunção

Group for Studies and Research on systematization of Care in Health and Nursing - NEPESC

Research Areas:
Nursing assistance;
Care protocols
Nursing classifyng elements verification
Luciana Regina Ferreira Pereira da Mata (Coordinator)
Tânia Couto Machado Chianca (Coordinator)

Research Group on Nutrition Intervention - GIN

Research Areas:
Nutritional Epidemiology
Inflamation and Obesity
Collective and Individual Nutrition Inverventions
Aline Cristine Souza Lopes (Coordinator)

Bruna Figueiredo Manzo
Elysângela Dittz Duarte

Carolina da Silva Caram
Isabela Silva Cancio Velloso
Meiriele Tavares Araújo

Fernanda Penido Matozinhos (Coordinator)

Amanda Marcia dos Santos Reinaldo
Maria Odete Pereira

Allana dos Reis Corrêa
Bruna Figueiredo Manzo

Adriano Marçal Pimenta
Josefina Bressan

Deborah Carvalho Malta


Scientific communication



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