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The Graduate Program

The Graduate Program of the School of Nursing at the Federal University of Minas Gerais opened in 1994, offering a master's course. In 2004, it was restructured and a Doctoral course was created. The program was then called Graduate Program in Nursing, and it was recommended by CAPES - the Brazilian office for the development of higher education staff and faculty, in the year 2005, as a program that offers academic master's and doctoral degrees. A major in Health and Nursing was created, being a broad, interdisciplinary and multi-professional area that offers the possibility of further studies in teaching and in research for nursing and other health professionals that are interested in this particular major and its research fields and projects.

The major was conceived having in mind the axes of investigation historically pursued in the School of Nursing - UFMG, respecting the principles of interdisciplinarity and multi-professionalism that have informed research, teaching and extramural activities in the university. These axes, built upon research projects, have led to four fields of research: 'Prevention and control of health risks', 'Planning, organization and management of health and nursing services', 'Health and nursing care', and 'Health and nursing education'.

The Program's main goals are: a) to offer consistent and high quality education for the purposes of teaching, research and healthcare; b) to train faculty to develop human resources; c) to prepare researchers who will broaden the professional, technical, cientific and philosophical bases in the social production of health; d) to develop skills by making use of advanced methods that are capable of sustaining a transforming social practice, of improving the production, dissemination and use of cientific knowledge in nursing and other areas of health; e) to contribute to the development of knowledge in health and in nursing in a transdiciplinary and interdisciplinary manner.


Scientific communication



INTERGROWTH-21st course on maternal, fetal and newborn growth monitoring (Module 1. Assessing newborn size by anthropometry) Link

Preterm infant feeding and growth monitoring: Implementation of the INTERGROWTH-21st protocol, interactive e-Learning course: Implementing the INTERGROWTH-21st Preterm Postnatal Growth Standards Link


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