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School of Nursing

The School of Nursing at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, founded on July 7, 1933 by Decree number 10.952, turned into an academic unit on February 28, 1968, when it became separated from the School of Medicine (Decree 62.317). In almost eight years of existence, the School of Nursing has taken actions to guarantee the training of health professionals and, at the same time, incoporated mechanisms that allow constant adaptation to changes that take place throughout time.

The School of Nursing confers undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees on nurses, nutritionists and other professionals that provide health services, and it also offers further education courses for specialists in various areas of health. It has established partnerships with municipal and state health services in order to train professionais, and it aims at generating and applying knowledge through the approximation of teaching, research and extramural activities.

The undergraduate courses in Nursing, Nutrition and Management of Health Services, and the graduate courses - specialization (non-degree course), master's and doctoral courses -- in Nursing count on faculty from different areas and on partnerships with health institutions. National and international partnerships include the development of large projects with financial support from governmental agencies.
In order to expand and restructure the School of Nursing it was necessary also to expand the faculty and staff, as well as to better their qualifications, so that by the year 2010 they were prepared to assist over one thousand registered students. This expansion demanded constant improvement and the search for new management tools so as to guarantee sustainable growth, as the health and education scenario requires.

- Mission: To prepare professionals for the areas of health by means of teaching, research and extramural activities, with ethics and social responsibility.
- Vision: To become a national and international reference in training health professionals and researchers, and to become renowned for excellence in teaching, research and extramural activities.
- Values: To train professionals and researchers in the areas of health with ethics and social responsibility, based on the premises of public, free and quality higher education, and on health care as a fundamental human right.


Scientific communication



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Profa. Dra. Kleyde Ventura de Souza

Profa. Dra. Tânia Couto Machado Chianca


Av. Alfredo Balena, 190 - Sala 120
CEP.: 30.130-100 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil.

Telefax: (031) 3409.9836

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